Reggina secured the playoffs and secured fourth place


By John

Certainty of the playoffs and also of fourth place. Thus begins today the work week of Reggina who will have little to ask of a championship that is preparing to experience the last three days of the regular season. Challenges that will become an opportunity to consolidate the certainties acquired in and prepare as best as possible for the “in or out” challenge that will be the playoff semi-final. Lthe five achieved at Canicattì were not enough to bring Vibonese closer to third place. The success of the rossoblù allowed Buscé's men to maintain an eight-point advantage over the amaranths. With nine points still available and also the disadvantage in the direct match, it seems very difficult for Reggina to mend the margin. It is more realistic to ask who the amaranth team's opponent could be in the playoff semi-final scheduled for May 12th.
Today the chances are high that Vibonese will challenge, but the Calabrians can still go after Siracusa's second place (today at +6). In case of overtaking at the photo finish there would be the Aretusei on the amaranth road. And on Sunday there will be a direct clash at Razza. Regardless of who will be the challenger, the amaranth goal can only be to win the playoffs. Trocini's team is growing and has the opportunity to demonstrate that its evolution can lead it to overcome teams that until now have proven to be superior in direct challenges. In the last five matches played, Siracusa obtained 8 points, Vibonese 7 and Reggina 12. The only Amaranth failure to win was the match lost in Vibo. Could the trend of the last few weeks be an indication that something is changing in the hierarchies? It will be up to Trocini's men to prove it, especially because as quarters they will have to do it away from Granillo. The first round of the playoffs is played away and with the obligation to win in a single match (even after any extra time) for the worst position in the standings. Playing at home would certainly have been an advantage, also in light of an internal performance that had become top-level.
The one against Canicattì was the eighth victory in the last ten outings at the Granillo. Two draws, against Portici and San Luca in matches where the Amaranths had really wasted a lot. Reggina, among other things, is moving towards a fourth place which equals the result obtained in the 2015-2016 season in Serie D. The then Asd Reggio Calabria, born after the failure of Reggina Calcio to register, finished behind Siracusa, Frattese and Cavese. In the playoff match played in Cava dé Tirreni the Amaranth team lost 2-1. At the end of the season the professional repechage arrived anyway. It was a season in which there were many places available for the repechage due to the restoration of the 20-team format of each Serie C group. This year, however, it is known that, even by winning the playoffs, the path to having a place in the third series is absolutely complicated. Also because the suitors could also include the second teams of the Serie A teams. Now, however, it is time to think only about the pitch.