Vannacci in Lamezia: “Should I apply for the European Championships? I still have to decide”


By John

“I'm still being evaluated, there are a few days, a few weeks left until the lists are presented, so within a short time you will know what the maturity of my evaluations is.” The general said so Roberto Vannaccito Lamezia Terme to present his book «The world upside down»answering journalists' questions about his possible candidacy for the European Championships, in particular with the League.

«I want to say – Vannacci then added – that I maintain my identity and therefore, if I were to decide to run and especially if I were elected, I would continue to insist on the themes that I expressed in my book. For example, the book clearly starts with the energy sector, with the environmentalist and ideological part and I think this is already a good start. Even the value part could be one of the lines of conduct to reaffirm the European identity which perhaps in recent days we have realized is not particularly solid”. With reference to some “resistance” in the League to the hypothesis of his candidacy for the European elections, Vannacci limited himself to observing: “I don't evaluate them because I'm not part of the party, I don't know the internal dynamics, I don't know what the discussions are legitimate and lawful within the party. We'll see when they mature. However, I am outside the party and therefore – concluded the general – I absolutely do not enter into their internal dynamics”.