Reggina, the playoff obstacle rhymes with the derby


By John

Time, stadium and opponent. There are no longer any doubts about Reggina's playoff destiny: it will be played on Sunday 12 May at 4pm at the Razza in Vibo Valentia against the rossoblù led by Buscè. Nobody knows what value the playoffs have. However, Reggina can't help but try to get to the end. Winning them could help guarantee a place of privilege in a hypothetical repechage race. Possibility linked only to free positions in the staff of the teams participating in the free Serie C championship.
Everyone must earn confirmation in view of a season, the next one in Serie D, in which there will be no margin for error. The amaranth team has two weeks to arrive at the challenge in the best possible way. The defeat suffered against Vibonese is the only flaw in the progress of the last seven days in which otherwise there have been six victories. The one offered by the Amaranths in Vibo was an insufficient performance. The narrow 1-0 was not a faithful reflection of a match dominated by the home team and played badly by the Amaranths. The only good indications were seen at the start of the race. In that case, the inferiority complexes that the Strait team had for a long time towards the top three in the championship came to light again. In the six matches against Trapani, Siracusa and Vibonese there were one draw and five defeats. Numbers that must be overturned if we want to go to the second round of the playoffs. In fact, due to the worst position in the rankings, the Amaranths can only win.
The match is played in one match and in the event of a draw, extra time is foreseen, at the end of which a further tie rewards those who ranked better. Reggina must find the right awareness and exploit the momentum with which they reach the playoffs. In the return round they won three points more than Vibonese, who in the first leg had recorded a +8 on Trocini's team (even +11 on the pitch). These two weeks will also be used to try to understand what happened in that challenge. A match that however led to changes, including the choice to definitively focus on Martinez in goal from the next match onwards.
Before the playoffs, the last match of the regular season still needs to be played. The away match of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto against Igea Virtus will close the championship. A challenge for which the Amaranth team prepares with a working week that starts with two days of rest. A choice that signals the desire to give the team the opportunity to recharge their batteries, before diving into the final rush of the season. The playoffs are the last hold on football being played, in view of a summer that promises to be hot. There are many points on which the city is waiting to understand what the company's maneuvers will be. In addition to issues related to the brand (which are mixed with those relating to possible other interested parties), there are the development of the Sant'Agata situation and the strategies to win the next Serie D championship.