Towards the vote, electoral tour in Calabria by Tajani (Forza Italia) on 2 and 3 May


By John

The vice president of the Council and national secretary of Forza Italia Antonio Tajaniwill be in Calabria on 2 and 3 May. The first stage is scheduled for Lamezia Terme, for a Press conference together with the regional coordinator of the Party and deputy group leader in the Chamber Francesco Cannizzaro, and the president of the Calabria Region and deputy national secretary of the Azzurri, Roberto Occhiuto, during which the new members of Forza Italia. The conference will be held in the conference room of the T Hotel, at 10.30 am. Forza Italia makes this known.

In the afternoon, move to the province of Crotone, in Cirò Marina, where a convention on the theme “Forza Italia, strength of the future” is scheduled, hosted by the Alikia Theater at 5:00 pm. Sergio Torromino, provincial coordinator of Forza Italia Crotone and Sergio Ferrari, mayor of Cirò Marina and president of the Province of Crotone will speak and Cannizzaro and Tajani will conclude. Minister Tajani's two days in Calabria will end in Reggio Calabria where, on the morning of Friday 3rd, at 11.30, the press conference for the official presentation of the candidacy for the European elections of Giusi Princi, vice-president of the Calabria Region, and of the Antonio Tajani himself. The meeting will be held in the headquarters of the regional coordination of Forza Italia, via military district 20. Here, in addition to the two candidates, Francesco Cannizzaro and Roberto Occhiuto will speak.