Reggina, two grafts expected immediately. Trocini will have more choice on the outside


By John

“We certainly won’t stand by and if we have the opportunity to strengthen the squad we won’t back down.” The declarations of the general director and owner Nino Ballarino, published yesterday, clearly express the desire to improve the Reggina squad.
The amateur market is still open until December 22nd, while in January it will be possible to acquire unders from clubs professional. This means that the time horizon for moving is wider than a superficial reading of the situation might give.
Without forgetting the opportunity to register professional footballers who are released and have not played for at least thirty days until February 1st. For non-professional footballers who terminate their contract there is even time until March 31st.
All these windows are reconciled with a characteristic that has almost always characterized the maneuvers of the new Reggina: the strategies are always thoroughly thought out and this often goes poorly with the impatience that demands immediate results. It couldn’t be otherwise, considering that a championship that is not at all as exciting as Serie D is being played.
At this stage the club has set itself two objectives: to strengthen the squad to reach the best possible position and to create the best conditions for the new football year in which the only result aimed at is winning the championship.
From an operational point of view this will translate into two different actions: the hiring of at least three players who will immediately give Trocini greater choice and probably from January onwards we will work on the possible arrival of unders who are already ready for next season. The latter should be elements acting in the same positions as Cham, Martiner and Zucco.
Compared to immediate needs, the company is working on profiles that give the team greater sprint on the outside. The idea is to bring to Reggio two wingers who guarantee the ability to jump the man and a decent feeling with the goal. The names in the notebook are different, but in the coming days the objectives will become clearer. The hypothesis is that it could be an over and an under player. This suggests that the module on which we are aiming for the continuation of the tactical project is a 4-3-3 in which the three offensive men can be arranged both in line and with the attacking midfielder behind two strikers.
Among other things, this is the tactical attitude proposed in the latest matches. Obviously there remains the need for the team to be able to approach the challenges in a different way compared to what was seen against Locri, when a very narrow victory made it possible to make the general negativity of the performance less evident. And the market cannot have much of an impact on this aspect.