Reggina with a focus on Licata. Coppola certainty in attack


By John

In Reggina’s new home there is no time to think about the victory obtained in Portici. Thoughts are already turning to Sunday’s match. At 3pm at the “Granillo” there will be Licata for the third stage of the tour de force of nine matches in a month. The Sicilians will cross the Strait as a team that has not yet lost a match: three wins, three draws and third place in the standings. Important numbers and they are real alarm bells for an Amaranth team that indeed won at the “San Ciro”, but did so with great difficulty and also risked losing.
In Serie D, those who represent Reggina’s history may just have to look up. Today, however, there is a tangible sense of inferiority, at least in the current state, towards the teams that are dominating the championship. Siracusa, Trapani and Vibonese almost always overcome their obstacles with ease and the only accidents seem to occur when they face each other. Proof of this is that the only knockout of the three favorites has so far come for the Calabrian rossoblu in the match played in Sicily against the Granata.
Every point left on the road is almost a condemnation and, until the 90th minute of Portici-Reggina, Trocini’s men risked losing two more. It is hoped that the latest success will open the way to new certainties and the ability to recover reserves of energy and brilliance that today do not seem to exist, at least while waiting for the condition to improve.
The team trained yesterday, with a lighter session for those who went on the pitch on Wednesday. The amaranths will also train today, while tomorrow will be finishing day. It is likely that we will continue along the path of rotating men for the lineup against Licata, considering that the squad is quite long in terms of numbers.
It is almost everywhere, except in the center of the attack. Coppola, match-winner in Portici, is the only center forward available after Rosseti’s injury. The club continues to comb the market for players who may be available.
There are two categories to refer to at the moment: free agents and professionals who terminate their contracts, with the latter eligible for deployment only thirty days after their last appearance fee in the categories above D. It is unlikely that anyone will arrive before Sunday, while it is not it is to be ruled out that in the end the foreign track may be favored, perhaps with experience in Italy in the past.
The team would immediately need a striker capable of guaranteeing goals and physicality. The feeling is that we want to proceed along the path of caution, avoiding the risk of sloppy investments.
A precaution that does not seem to go along with the stringent needs dictated by the field, but which is the path taken. The same one that involved building the team.
The group has a good technical level, but was not born with a stratospheric budget. Be careful, however, because there could be more than one important piece destined to arrive. The hope among the fans is that the talks can be realized as soon as possible.