Reggina, with Licata looking for an encore and the first victory at the “Granillo”


By John

The Reggina-Licata race returns to the “Granillo”, a classic of the eighties and nineties. The yellow-blues appear on the shores of the Strait still undefeated with the aim of continuing the positive streak. But Bruno Trociniwho met the journalists at the sports center, said he was convinced of being able to beat the Sicilians: «We face a strong team that has never lost, as well as expressing an effective maneuver. We are aware that we are facing a formation that has certain characteristics, but we will try to put them in difficulty with our weapons. I add that we can collect the entire mail because we don’t lack the means. Over the course of the week we worked a lot on athletic preparation and we are gradually finding our optimal condition. Furthermore, we have such a number of players that allows us to always field a competitive eleven, so even in difficult situations we can get the three points.”

Also transition to the new form, used in Portici: «Last Wednesday I placed the players in the roles most suited to them, taking advantage of each one’s characteristics. We are getting to know each other and there is, therefore, the opportunity to use both setups. Time will tell us what the best solution might be.” On some of the criticism the group has received, he added: «It has never happened in the history of this sport that a team is created once the tournament has started, starting completely from scratch. I don’t have a magic wand, as it was all done in a week. I tried to make a virtue of necessity and I realize that it is boring to always repeat the same things, but I think it is right to highlight certain aspects.”

Trocini then addressed the audience: «I ask the fans not to abandon us because the boys always give their best. You can win even without playing show football.”
He later spoke about the singles: «Martinez is from another category and we were lucky to have him in the squad. The same goes for Coppola, he leaves the pitch with a sweaty shirt, he doesn’t hold back, he’s a fighter.”
The coach expressed himself as follows regarding the eleven to be played against Licata: «I carry two or three doubts with me». The question about the Unders couldn’t be missed: «Whoever took the field in Portici could be reconfirmed. However, there are other options.” Ricci isn’t brilliant, but Trocini defends him: «He has qualities that he hasn’t yet managed to demonstrate. Physically he isn’t at the top, but in the next few weeks he will become invaluable. He is skilled at insertions and is also gifted with a precise shot from outside. He is getting into Dervishi form as well. He can play various positions, while Bianco is quick. He manages to target the man and when he sets off at speed the opponents are forced to resort to the foul to stop him.”
Previous. Reggina and Licata al Granillo have met on six occasions. Three Amaranth successes, the last in November 1991. It ended 4-1. Two victories for the Sicilians. In May 1984 the gialloblù passed to Reggio with a score of 2-1, while four years later, led by Aldo Cerantola, they beat the hosts with a goal from Naples.