Reggio Airport, Brunetti against Occhiuto: proclamations are no longer enough

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By John

The “Tito Minniti” airport remains an open wound for the city and for those who administer it. The effort promised by the president of the Region Roberto Occhiuto and by the sole administrator of Sacal Marco Franchini, during last Friday’s press conference at the Chamber of Commerce, Acting Mayor Paolo Brunetti was not very convinced. The mayor heard from Gazzetta del Sud asked the governor and Sacal, in a sincere way, less words and more deeds.
«Activities that favor the growth of our airport are welcome – declared Brunetti -. Naturally we hope for a greater spirit of sharing both in terms of substance and in method. Together with the president of the Chamber of Commerce Antonino Tramontana – we have started this discussion with the Region, which is the reference subject of the Sacal management company, because we have decided to be clear about what they intend to program for our airport. And this following an overall management certainly not based on transparency by the governance of the airport”. Clear words, those of the tenant of Palazzo San Giorgio, expressed in a less conciliatory tone than what was stated in the Chamber of Commerce by Occhiuto and Franchini, open (at least in words) to greater sharing on the strategic choices concerning the airport of Reggio Calabria.
«Sacal has been managing Reggio for several years now – attacks Brunetti -. I remember how many battles just to get to know the business plan. Every year we are told that the next one will be good. Now it is clear that a change of pace is expectedalso because we see that the airport of Lamezia is constantly growing while that of Reggio, despite amendments and flurry of press conferences, has been completely abandoned for some time now».