Reggio, Antonino Pulitanò acquitted: he had reported the presence of asbestos in the systems in the area of ​​the former locomotive facility of the State Railways


By John

Antonino Pulitanò, former Trenitalia official, was acquitted of defamation by the press and forgery by the Court in monocratic composition chaired by Ursula Ripepi. Pulitanò, now retired, had denounced several times with public initiatives, in his capacity as head of workplace safety at Filt-Cgil, the presence of 34 tons of asbestos lying in the area of ​​the former locomotive depot of the State Railways, located on the southern outskirts of the city.

«The acquittal – the lawyers Pellicanò and Morabito, defenders of Antonino Pulitanò, state in a note – partially restores the bitterness of a long battle that lasted eight years, which cost the former official and his family untold psychophysical and economic suffering. indifferent, but carried out in the name of workers and the health of the community”.