Reggio, assets worth one million euros seized from a company active in fruit and vegetables


By John

The soldiers of the provincial command of Financial Police of Reggio Calabriaon the delegation of the local Public Prosecutor's Office directed by Giovanni Bombardieri, carried out – this morning – a provision issued by the GIP of the Court of Reggio Calabria, which ordered the application of the real precautionary measure of the seizure of movable and immovable property, for a total amount of approximately 1,000,000 euros, against a company based in Campo Calabro ( RC) and its partners/administrators.

In particular, with the provision in question, the aforementioned Judicial Authority has ordered – without prejudice to subsequent assessments regarding the effective and definitive assessment of responsibilities in the further phases of the proceedings – the preventive seizure of the company, as well as of the financial resources and assets movables and immovables attributable to the same and its partners/administrators, for a total value of €999,686.00, relating to criminal conduct relating to tax, bankruptcy and self-laundering crimes. The investigations, carried out by the Fiamme Gialle of the Villa San Giovanni Company, focused on the bankruptcy of a company active in the fruit and vegetable wholesale sector, declared with a ruling by the Reggio Court in 2019.

The checks carried out made it possible to detect a series of anomalies implemented by the shareholders/directors of the same (now under investigation) before the declaration of bankruptcy, specifically:

– the absence of accounting records of the bankrupt company as of 2010, such as not to allow the reconstruction of its economic and financial situation, given that the last financial statement presented referred to the 2010 tax year;

– the establishment of a second company in business continuity with the bankrupt company, expected to have the same shareholder structure and administrative body, registered and operational headquarters in the same place, identical operating sector and same suppliers, all in conjunction with the conclusion of a tax audit initiated by the Guardia di Finanza against the bankrupt company, which had found that the latter had failed to pay income taxes, VAT and IRAP;

– the existence of multiple transfers carried out by the bankrupt company in favor of the newly established company, for the payment of supplies of goods which were never carried out.

At the end of the investigations carried out, it emerged that the operation of establishing the new company was carried out with the exclusive intention of allowing it to confiscate the active assets of the company in decay, through operations of supply of exclusively fictitious and paper goods. , in order to protect it from possible enforcement actions by the Treasury (given the significant tax debts weighing on the bankrupt company) and by further creditors, conduct – the latter – suitable for integrating the crime of fraudulent bankruptcy. These operations also allowed the newly established company to re-use the capital removed from creditors' claims in the activity carried out in the fruit and vegetable marketing sector. The service activity testifies to the constant supervision exercised by the Financial Police of Reggio Calabria on the territory – in accordance with the precise indications of the Reggio Calabria Judicial Authority – to safeguard the laws, the protection of the legal economy and the economic-financial security of the fabric entrepreneurial.