Reggio, breakthrough for the Libero Nocera Cooperative: the ‘Vallone Petrara’ psychiatric facility accredited


By John

With Decree n.322 of 29 December 2023, the Calabria Region has formalized the institutional accreditation of the private healthcare facility “Vallone Petrara”managed by the “Cooperativa Sociale Libero Nocera arl”, for 20 beds in a socio-healthcare psychiatric residence with high health integration (SRP2).
Finally the final word has been written on a long-standing affair, which began with the closure of the former psychiatric hospital in Reggio Calabria. Now for the private structure “Vallone Petrara”, after the notification of accreditation, a new chapter can begin.
The president of the ‘Libero Nocera’ social cooperative, Gaetano Nuceraexpresses satisfaction with what was decided by the Calabria Region with the decree of December 29th.
“A round of applause to the Calabria Region and the ASP of Reggio Calabria and to all the institutional actors involved for the commitment that has finally led to the accreditation of our structure. Having obtained this positive result, it is necessary to continue on this path which involves numerous other problems for psychiatric residential facilities, the patients concerned and their families. It is necessary – Nucera highlights – to reach as soon as possible a review of the organizational structure delegated to the management of socio-rehabilitative services within residences which are currently insufficient to offer a functional service to achieve the therapeutic objectives of hospitalized guests. We trust in the regional healthcare management with whom we have undertaken a fruitful dialogue which should lead to an improvement in the socio-rehabilitative offer in the short term. Certainly the accreditation of the Vallone Petrara residence also bodes well for the other psychiatric facilities operating throughout the metropolitan area. We hope that now the unblocking of hospitalizations, which has been going on for 8 years in the city and province of Reggio Calabria and which has caused so much discomfort for hundreds of families, will also affect the other structures that work in the psychiatry sector. Only in this way will it be possible to give an answer to all those families who need hospitalization, concludes the president of the ‘Libero Nocera’ social cooperative.