Reggio, classmates from V^E/e meet again 52 years after graduation


By John

After the extraordinary event of August 12, 2021, which marked 50 years since the diploma obtained at the ITIS “A. Panella” of Reggio Calabria, they wanted to find again, even if in smaller numbers, a large group of V^ E/electrotechnics of the institute so dear also to two great Reggio teachers of that time: don Italo Calabrò and prof. Italo Falcomatà, the unforgettable mayor of the city.

52 years after 1971, with the usual tam-tam and the contribution of social networks it was possible to create a moment of joyful celebration amidst anecdotes and never forgotten memories. An effort repaid by the presence of those who were able to participate and made it possible to meet again as if more than half a century had not passed. This time, however, no lunch at the restaurant but, after a fresh granita, just to retrace what was an almost daily ritual of those years, we wanted to go back in time with the gesture and action, even those never forgotten, of the ” sandwich with pumaroru, tunnu e livi”, always in the same famous restaurant of those years near Piazza Duomo and which, still today, offers the possibility of enjoying the classic breakfast with numerous variations and with the oil that soaks the usual paper that envelops it.

A party that also had a moment of great sadness when the “comrades” who prematurely left the benches of life were remembered, not without emotion: Mimmo Bonfiglio, Nino Brancatisano, Salvatore Filocamo, Franco La Face and Peppe Spanò.

So between one bite and another and a glass of beer, it seemed that time had stopped and that we were back in school; anecdotes, memories, jokes… (without this or that professor – rightly – saying: you and you… out!! But also sincere hugs “seasoned” by an indescribable emotion, as if it were a family that reunites after so many years! During the meeting, to remember the morning spent together, the inevitable photos of the group that captures them joyful and happy, each with their own story; many who have become grandparents and grappling with the tasks of their grandchildren to whom they will be able to tell an extraordinary and wonderful story: that of the V^ E/e of Panella of 1971!!

At the reunion present in strict alphabetical order, as noted by the class register: Aldo Bruno, Antonino Ferrara (Nino), Sebastiano Giordano (Nuccio), Antonio Laganà (Nuccio), Salvatore, Giuseppe Nucera, Lorenzo Nucera, Giovanni Raffa, Demetrio Siclari ( Mimmo), Salvatore Silivestro, Paolo Spanò and Antonino Stelitano (Nino), Fortunato Luvarà.