Reggio, for state maritime concessions there is an extension until the end of the year


By John

The state-owned maritime concessions for tourist-recreational purposes, in existence as of 31 December 2023 on the coast of the municipality of Reggio Calabria, continue to be effective until 31 December 2024. The formal decision was taken by the Urban Planning Sector of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria which, therefore, puts a first firm point on the issue of the extension of maritime concessions which has been on the table in recent weeks, also due to a rather fragmented regulatory framework.

The decision comes at the culmination of a process of discussion that the municipal administration has started for some time now with the representatives of the concession holders, through more in-depth analysis also within the sixth commission chaired by Carmelo Versace, which saw the participation of the manager Marco Di Donna and the person responsible for the proceedings Alberto Di Mare.

The Urban Planning Sector, therefore, has taken note of the impossibility of starting competitive procedures for maritime state concessions, «as the legislative decrees referred to in art. have not yet been adopted by the Government. 4, paragraph 1, of law 05/08/2022, n. 118, aimed at reorganizing and simplifying the matter and defining principles for proceeding with the assignment of concession areas on the basis of homogeneous criteria and impartial, non-discriminatory procedures, characterized by broad participation, transparency and adequate publicity, to be started adequately in advance of upon their expiry.” In compliance with the provisions of the law, the Administration has arranged for the extension of the effectiveness of the concessions in question until 31 December 2024, «without prejudice to the power of revocation and/or forfeiture pursuant to articles. 42 and 47 of the Navigation Code, as well as the right of early termination for reasons of public interest or due to conflicting, mandatory and mandatory community, national and regional legislative or regulatory provisions, also following verification of the existence of all the subjective and objectives imposed by law”. The provision was communicated to, among others, the regional maritime State Property Sector, the Maritime Directorate of Reggio Calabria, the State Property Agency, the Revenue Agency and the organizations representing the beach operators. The update of the Maritime State Property Information System has also been arranged.

«The work carried out in recent weeks, with an always open discussion with the representative organizations – declared the councilor for the “Productive City”, Marisa Lanucara – has produced the result that we had always hoped for, that is, reaching the formal adoption of an act that recognized the extension of the beach concessions to 31 December 2024, thus avoiding any possible problems for the holders of these concessions, even in the event of any checks by the authorities. The municipal administration never intended to pose any type of obstacle, but worked to find the best solution that could combine the needs of operators with strict compliance with the law. The path undertaken has allowed us to achieve this result which will allow entrepreneurs to invest peacefully in their activities and thus be able to offer users all those essential services for a city with a tourist vocation such as Reggio Calabria. Now all that remains is to get to work, each for their own part, to provide an offer of services of an adequate level for those who choose to spend the next summer months on the coast of Reggio Calabria”.