Reggio, Forza Italia rejects the end-of-council agreement and the mayor’s purchasing campaign


By John

«The chair in front of the chess table seems not to have tired Mayor Falcomatà yet. A chair that never becomes uncomfortable, not even for such a long game with well-studied moves, in which the king moves continuously, to avoid checkmate, threatened by external pressures. The last move, in chronological order, is the choice of the members of the Mayor’s staff, or rather the purchasing campaign of an “end-of-council agreement” which increasingly has the characteristics of a game played without rules, with the pawns on a chessboard that they move in any direction, just to reach the final goal: to stem a rift that is impossible to mend.”

The reflection is from the Forza Italia city councilors Federico Milia, Antonino Maiolino And Roberto Vizzariwho comment on the choice of the Mayor’s staff, which he includes among the chosen ones Paolo Cuzzocreason of the majority city councilor Pino CuzzocreaAnd Gabriella Laxa journalist with a severe pen, especially towards the Falcomatà administration.