Reggio, the Metropolitan City aims to relaunch culture and tourism


By John

The administration outlines the guidelines to follow for the next three years. Projects that walk on the legs of an institution with solid accounts. The Metropolitan Council, chaired by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatàapproved yesterday the Single programming document (DUP) for the years 2024-2026. The first step of the organisation’s obligations is that next week the Council returns to the chamber this time to approve the budget forecast.
The act was introduced in the chamber by the metropolitan councilor, Giuseppe Ranuccio, Budget delegate who highlighted the strategic role of these tools. «The Dup is an important planning document which, in view of the budget forecast, photographs the situation of the organisation, offering us very useful data in terms of economic and financial planning. The DUP clearly indicates our desire to follow precise strategic lines and identify all the means to achieve the objectives.” Therefore the document in which the administration’s political choices are crystallized.
«In continuity with what has been done we focus on the promotion of the Culture sector, on tourist growth, on economic development, on the image of the territory and on roads and on the valorisation of the heritage. Great attention is also paid to education and therefore to schools, gyms, sports, without forgetting the maintenance and safety of the territory, including the river sections. Furthermore, we intended to intervene on Welfare and Professional Training.