Reggio, the new council does not arrive. Pazzano “opens” in Falcomatà


By John

The Democratic Party is firm in its positions and waits calmly on the riverbank. Nino De Gaetano and his Dp too. The mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà (with Paolo Brunetti) also. The pieces on the board are in a stalled position. There is no winning move. So everyone waits for the other to make the first move (maybe hoping you’re wrong). The usual well-informed people say that in these cases the mayor summoned the general secretary to prepare the decrees appointing the new councilors and yet then had second thoughts at the last second. In the background of this endless chess game there is the city with its problems and there are many people from Reggio who are increasingly angry and black (this is not a political allusion). Also because the centre-right follows the evolution of the situation (of the new council which is being trumpeted but which does not arrive) in silence. We don’t go beyond the minimum wage, almost as if we want to let the center-left majority stew in its own broth waiting for it to completely unravel.
In the last few hours there has been an openness from Saverio Pazzano (La Strada) towards the mayor Falcomatà. But Pazzano only carries his vote, so his help is truly impalpable in purely numerical terms.