Messina, here are all the commitments of the mayor and the council: Torri Morandi car park, Tari “light”, lido in Maregrosso and “After us”


By John

Federico Basile (mayor and budget delegate)

There are not only the hirings, the first 341 and then the subsequent 175 (including 100 traffic policemen) in the mayor’s program. As deus ex machina of the Municipality’s accounts, he has set himself the objective of «this year bringing as close as possible the moment in which Palazzo Zanca can exit from the Rebalancing Plan for which in a couple of months there will be the first verification by the Court of the Counts”. The work done so far has paid off, but the shield for injunctions has fallen.

Salvatore Mondello (Public works, mobility)

The deputy mayor’s priorities are two in particular. One concerns the Torre Faro area «where the new Torri Morandi car park must be built and a new access road built. The other concerns the general master plan which, finally, can be worked on if the Strait Bridge option will give the possibility of having a clear intervention framework”. 2024, the year of the evaluation of Metromare, Pinqua and the restyling of the Ex Veterinaria?

Francesco Caminiti (Soil protection)

Coast and streams on the agenda. «Started a couple of years ago, the reclamation of Maregrosso must now get underway». Especially since 2024 will be the year of the end of the new Don Blasco route. “The objective is to make the beach suitable for bathing as happened at Ringo, the surprise of 2023.” And then, “work on waterways such as the Annunziata and the defense of the coast in Casabianca”. After Villa Dante, the V. Emanuele Gallery also deserves to see the end of the construction site.

Massimiliano Minutoli (Civil Protection)

The approval of the municipal civil protection plan by the council was the last act of the year. The new priorities: «The expansion of the Granatari cemetery, the start of the activities of the Santa Lucia sopra Contesse multifunctional which will be completed in a few days, the pet cemetery and then the continuation of the restyling of the street furniture» . The list should also include the acceleration of the decentralization of the constituencies and the creation of the VII.

Roberto Cicala (Tributes and heritage)

Many open fronts. «We want to give concreteness to the regulation for the respect of public land and driveways» for which extensive checks will take place in the middle of the month. «The Tari will drop by 30% and then we would like to complete the digitalisation of municipal services for the citizen who will no longer have to physically come to the Palace». But it is also necessary to complete the database of the Municipality’s properties to make them profitable.

Massimo Finocchiaro (Major events and sports)

The sports facilities are a “must” for 2024. «In February we should be able to return the Palatracuzzi to the basketball teams», but there is the problem of the Cappuccini swimming pool to be resolved with that roof to be redone and an outdoor pool to be put back into operation function. «At Franco Scoglio, this summer, we will do five concerts with a single stage, reducing times, collecting over 400 thousand euros and guaranteeing the work of the new drainage of the field to restart the football season in the best possible way».

Alessandra Calafiore (Social policies)

Between what has been achieved and what still needs to be completed, the social services sector is constantly evolving and the arrival of another 8 social workers will be a significant contribution. «We want to launch the initiative of apartment groups for disabled people which is the first step towards “after us”» which will be developed in the Città del Ragazzo- «And then we focus on “Fertility” which aims at inclusion in the world of work of disadvantaged people”. The end of the citizen’s income, not entirely “covered” by the inclusion allowance, can open up new fronts of poverty.

Liana Cannata (Youth policies)

«”YoungMe” must be implemented through other initiatives that can give skills and opportunities to young people from Messina who do not want to leave the city». Also on the list of priorities is administrative barter, which has been on the desks of many councilors for a long time, and then “the desk for equal opportunities also for disabled people who will have to have the same access to municipal services as other citizens”. A permanent link with the University would provide new room for maneuver in Generation Z.

Enzo Caruso (Culture)

The project to make Messina Antonello’s city has just started and must take off in 2024, in particular with the start of work on the “Museum House”. «Speaking of museums, this will be the year of the inauguration of the natural history museum at Palazzo Weigert. Another objective will be to renovate and reopen the theater in Forte Ogliastri to the public.” The expectation is the definitive acceleration in the incoming not only of cruise passengers but also of tourists who “spend” more than a few hours in the city. Investments have not been lacking.

Pietro Currò (School policies)

Half-service councilor in 2023 given that he came on board the Basile Council in mid-July, he started a tour of the city’s 21 comprehensive schools to understand the logistical situation, and not only, of the schools. «The objective is to contribute to making the schools of Messina among the best in Italy». Mobility, especially in the suburbs, “open” spaces easily reachable from all schools, city tours to pass on historical traditions can enrich the bouquet of offers for the very young.