Reggio, the new free professional training courses activated by the metropolitan city have been presented


By John

The new professional training courses launched by Sector 5 of the metropolitan body were presented at Palazzo Alvaro, headquarters of the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria. During the meeting chaired by the deputy mayor Carmelo Versace and by the delegated councilor for professional training, Domenico Mantegnaand by the sector manager, Fortunato Battaglia, the numerous questions received were highlighted. In some cases the courses exceeded 150 requests.

The courses, presented last December 29th, will be 9 in total, in addition to the 8 of the call reopened and published in the previous month. Five will take place in the training center in via Trabocchetto in Reggio Calabria, two in the Siderno training center and two in the Laureana training center in Borrello.

There are 123 places for the new free professional training courses, announced by the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, from sector 5 Vocational training.

The courses are held at the Laureana di Borrello headquarters for: Forestry Hydraulic Operator (15) and Mechatronics Car Repair Technician (15). In Reggio Calabria there are courses for: Operator for the processing and marketing of bakery/pastry products (15); Operator for the preparation, installation, maintenance and control of electrical systems (15); Mechatronics car repair technician (15); Pastry chef (15); Operator for grafting and pruning (15). Finally nAt the Siderno branch there are courses for: Operator for the kitchen supply, conservation and treatment of raw materials and the preparation and distribution of dishes and drinks: catering worker (14); Forestry hydraulic operator (14).

Given the great demand received, Palazzo Alvaro foresees the possibility of doubling the number of courses using the same ranking published on the institutional website. Furthermore, Sector 5 has been admitted to the GOL program for the creation of five training courses financed by the Calabria Region and the relevant notice will soon be published.