Crotone, second landing in a few hours: 77 migrants arrive on the Calabrian coasts


By John

Second landing of migrants in a few hours on the last day of 2023 in Crotone. After 59 rescues in the early hours of the morning of December 31st, shortly after 10am a sailing boat with 77 people on board was spotted, which was located a few meters from the beach in Gabella, north of Crotone, and which had escaped national border controls. Some residents in the area alerted the police. A unit of the Financial Police and the police forces coordinated by the Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters immediately arrived on site. Subsequently, a patrol boat from the Crotone Coast Guard arrived which accompanied the boat and transferred some of the migrants onto the military unit. The rest of the refugees remained on the sailing boat which was escorted by the Financial Police to Crotone.

At the end of the disembarkation operations it turned out that on the 16 meter boat – which appears to have left Turkey in recent days – there were 77 people, coming from Iran (30), Iraq (14), Afghanistan (30), Pakistan (2) and a Turkish citizen. Among the migrants, 21 women and 20 minors. The health conditions of the migrants were found to be good despite having spent several nights on the high seas. The migrants were transferred by the Italian Red Cross to the reception center on Isola Capo Rizzuto.