The Messina society of the 20th century on stage: PalaCultura packed for the “Baron della Caperrina”


By John

Palacultura packed on Thursday evening for the comedy in three acts “The Baron of Caperrina” written by the “fikissimo” Pippo Iannelli, starring the Messina society of the early 1900s. The story is nothing more than a glimpse of the life of that period of a society still attached to noble values ​​but with an open, very open look at the freedoms of the modern era. In the comedy we have a transversal vision of that society, they are all protagonists, from the barons played by Gaetano Campagna and Giovanna Genitori and marquises (Luisa Barbaro and Pippo Picciolo) , to the “without” friend played by the same author, by the teacher, (Rita La Paglia), an almost mythological figure, to the archpriest (Gaetano Gerbino) and to the fishmonger/entrepreneur and spoiler of females (Giampaolo Nicocia). Even to the two waitresses (Katia Bevacqua and Argentina Sangiovanni) who play a fundamental role in history, becoming even more decisive than the noble ladies. And finally there is Peppe Nappa (Carmelo Peditto), clear reference to the popular character of certain Sicilian literature, who in his naivety dispenses advice and reflections through the ancient wisdom of Sicilian proverbs. The images are heartbreaking Paolo Musarra taken from the archives relating to the 1908 earthquake accompanied by the sweet notes of the violinist Diacenta Paolillo and the opening poem performed by Caterina Oteri. A gem in this comedy was the performance of the mayor Federico Basile of the introduction to the plot. All expertly directed by the director Nanni Petrungaro and assistant director Rosita Sciacca. These are days of celebration for the protagonists, all intent on celebrating the baronet’s engagement (Ermanno Micheluzzi) and the marquisine (Letizia Lucca) in the joyful atmosphere of the Christmas holidays. But a danger hides behind so much joy: it is the terrifying earthquake that at dawn on December 28, 1908, razed the city to the ground.

The proceeds from the show, sponsored by the municipality and brought on stage by the Fikissimi chaired by Massimo Pulitanò who took care of the lighting, sets and special effects direction and with the support of the Ammi chaired by Lilly Cavallaro is represented by Francesca De Domenico, will be entirely donated to charity.