Reggio, wash private cars using public water. Caught by the mayor: “Does this seem normal to you?” VIDEO


By John

An outburst. First private and then… public. The reprimand by the mayor of Reggio, Giuseppe Falcomatà, to the citizen caught washing his car using public water has gone viral on social media. The mayor accompanied it with a message aimed at increasing the dose. “It is not normal that in 2024 there is someone who, in the middle of a square, uses public water, which is also scarce, to wash his car. The car! Perhaps we are not aware of the gravity of the situation. All of Southern Italy is in difficulty due to the shortage of water, experts say that entire areas are at risk of desertification. In Reggio the level of the Menta dam is below 50%, temperatures continue to rise and it has not rained for a long time. Sorical, the regional company that has been managing the service in place of the Municipality for a few months, is already having difficulty guaranteeing water in homes. It is not excluded that they will soon be forced to ration its use, more than what is already happening with night closures. The situation, therefore, is very serious. Water must be used with care, only for personal hygiene purposes. Cars are washed at the car wash. And yet situations like this still happen today. Let’s try to love each other a little more, good afternoon.