Cosenza Wednesday 26 June, interruption of water supply from 8 for repair work on the Abatemarco aqueduct pipeline


By John

The interruption of the drinking water supply in the localities of Cervicati and San Marco Argentano in the Cosenza area has been scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 26 June, to allow the execution of some repair works on the Abatemarco Aqueduct pipeline, following the location of multiple breakages along the laying route of the hydraulic scheme. The communication to the Municipality by the Soricalspecifying that the interruption of the drinking water supply will be recorded from 8.00 am until the conclusion of the works. The Municipal Administration of Casali del Manco, following the latest indications from Sorical, according to which the water situation in Calabria is causing much concern, with drops in production from some sources of up to 50%, recommends a controlled use of drinking water. In fact, it was Sorical itself, after having alerted the Prefectures and the Civil Protection about the severity of the ongoing water shortage, to suggest to the Mayors to issue ordinances that limit or prohibit the use of drinking water for irrigation purposes and the filling the swimming pools, as the inconveniences are expected to increase in the coming weeks. For users fed only by the San Marco Argentano loading tank (upper area branch), the supply will be guaranteed until the storage tank is exhausted, while for the Merone user only, of the Municipality of Cosenza, the drinking water supply will be guaranteed by the accumulation of the regional reservoir of Cozzo Muoio. Presumably – Sorical continues to say – the works will be completed on the same day, Wednesday 26 June, with the gradual restoration of ordinary supplies. Citizens are advised that, after the completion of the works, there may still be some inconveniences until the ordinary supply returns to normal.

“We appeal to the common sense of citizens and urge them to avoid waste – states the Mayor Francesca Pisani – The controlled and responsible use of water is in everyone’s interest, as it is a precious resource to be safeguarded, especially in moments of emergency such as those which have occurred in recent summers, characterized by scorching temperatures. To protect public health itself and to ensure the regularity of the water service in all localities and districts – added the mayor – the municipal police will ensure that the Ordinance is respected and that the administrative pecuniary sanctions provided for by law are applied to violators ”.

The aqueduct Abatemarco it is the largest and most complex of the water schemes entrusted to the management of So.RICal. For over 60 km it crosses some of the most geologically and morphologically tormented areas of the entire Calabrian territory. The very high operating pressures and the instability of the slopes crossed make it often subject to breakages with interruptions in operation. The two most important user centers (the cities of Rende and Cosenza) are located at the end of its long development, thus undergoing any disruption to the functional structure of the scheme. The activation of the doubling pipeline in the 25 km of the terminal route, together with the progressive implementation of some important variations to the route, set on areas of greater stability, combined with the application of the most modern automatic regulation and remote control devices, are finally raising the operational reliability standards of the aqueduct.