The Mottafollone mystery: the search for the relatives of the body found in the countryside


By John

The yellow continues on discovery of the body of a man in the countryside of the small village of Esaro, who has an undisclosed identity because at the moment there is a certain difficulty in contacting relatives. The body of the man (who died a natural death, as established by the medical examiner who arrived on site), which had presumably been lying on the ground in a state of decomposition for a few weeks, was found on Sunday afternoon when a local farmer, in the rural area of the “Caccia” district, while he was going to his own land on board his tractor he noticed it among the vegetation.

After the arrival of the soldiers of the San Sosti and San Marco Argentano Army, promptly alerted by the farmer, the latter found the documents of the person who appeared to be around 70 years old, and the Public Prosecutor's Office of Castrovillari was therefore informed who arranged for the arrival of a medical examiner, who – following the cadaveric inspection – ascertained natural death. The body was taken to the municipal morgue where she is currently located waiting for her relatives to be found. As far as we know, the pensioner lived in San Marco Argentano but he is not originally from this area. He would have children living abroad but if no one were to claim the body, the Municipality of Mottafollone could take care of the funeral.