Rentals, Milan is the most expensive city: a room for students costs 626 euros


By John

TO Milan rent increases for non-residents are slowing down, but the city where the protest of university students in tents against high rents began remains the most expensive in Italy, with a average cost of single rooms of 626 euros per month. This is +1% compared to last year due to the increase in supply (+36%), while maintaining a 15% increase in demand. This was revealed by a report by Insights dedicated to the off-site market in Italy who will find themselves, with the start of the new academic year, still facing a situation of price increases but with an increasing offer. Rome sees a +55% growth in demand but the good news for non-residents is that the license fee stops running, remaining at 463 euros per month for a single. The supply of accommodation is increasing in the three cities with a strong university vocation such as Bologna, Padua and Venice (+33%, +30% and +47% respectively).

On the prices of single rooms, which sees Milan on the podium, Bologna is recorded which surpasses Rome for the first time: to be able to afford a room of one’s own, one must budget 482 euros, against 463 euros in the capital. In fourth position is Florence with its 435 euros. Almost paired Modena and Bergamo, 412 euros and 411 euros respectively. Padua and Verona also barely exceed the threshold of 400 euros (404 euros and 401 euros, respectively). Just below this figure, Venice (396 euros) and Brescia (385 euros) close the top ten. In terms of double rooms, if the Lombard capital maintains its first position at 348 euros, Rome is in second place with 272 euros. Third position for Naples, out of the top 10 for singles, at 258 euros. In 2023, the record for price increases for rooms belongs to Bari with a +29% compared to last year. Prices on the rise, by 18%, also in Brescia and Palermo. Parma and Pescara see a 16% increase in the single license fee in one year.