Rosarno, the mega “ghost” junction to connect the port of Gioia Tauro to the A2


By John

«Why are there delays in the start of the connection works from the Rosarno junction to the gate of the port of Gioia? Are they adverts?”. The president of the “Pino Rauti” Club – Independence Movement, Rocco Dominici, writes a letter addressed to the General Management of Anas, in the person of the engineer Aldo Isi and to the mayor of Rosarno, Pasquale Cutrì, to ask for clarification on the state of the art of the great work, whose work should have started in December as the Management itself had communicated. In particular, Dominici asks why the deadlines were not respected and adds, if these are announcements that “declare interest in the Calabrian territory which was then abandoned to itself, we would like to have quick and truthful news on the matter”. Furthermore, Dominici launches an appeal to the mayor of Rosarno to whom he asks «to have maximum attention and to be vigilant so that this work is carried out as soon as possible. A structural work of vital importance for the socio-economic implications that would affect the city of Rosarno and the entire territory of the Piana”.