Sales 2024, starting on January 5th: Confesercenti Vibo reminds us of the basic rules for purchases

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By John

There president of Fismo fashion sector Confesercenti of Vibo, Antonella Petracca, announces that the Regions, in following up on the agreement signed at the Conference with the Autonomous Provinces on 24 March 2011 et seq. additions, have standardized the start date of the 2024 winter sales to the first weekday before the Epiphany across most of the national territory.
However, in this regard, any subsequent different resolution to be adopted by the respective trade departments remains unaffected.
The 2024 winter sales will start on January 5, 2024 and end on March 6, 2024.
There remains a ban on carrying out promotions in the 15 days before the start of the sales.

Please remember the basic rules for sales:
1. Exchanges: the possibility of exchanging the purchased item is generally left to the discretion of the shopkeeper, unless the product is damaged.
In this case, the merchant is obliged to repair or replace the item, and if this proves impossible, reduce or refund the price paid.
2. Testing of the garments: there is no obligation. It is left to the discretion of the operator.
3.Payments: credit cards must be accepted by the merchant.
4.Products on sale: the items offered on sale must be seasonal.
5. Price indication: the shopkeeper’s obligation to indicate the normal selling price, the discount and the final price.
The Confesercenti Confederation, in the persons of the director Rocco Fresca, the president Toto’ Ceravolo and the Fismo president Antonella Petracca wish Happy Holidays!