Tarsia, “celebrating city of oil”: today tastings, debates and popular music


By John

The anticipation is growing for the new exciting edition, the IV, of “Tarsia city of oil in celebration”. Everything is ready for today, Friday 29 December, with the guided tastings of Calabrian oils by Mario Reda (5.30pm); the round table with the debate in the presence of the mayor Roberto Ameruso, the delegated municipal councilor Sara Scarola, the president of the Consorzio Olio di Calabria Igp Massimino Magliocchi, the Arsac commissioner Fulvia Michela Caligiuri, the general director of the agriculture department Giacomo Giovinazzo and the councilor regional agriculture Gianluca Gallo (7pm) and then, from 8.30pm onwards, the food and wine tour with the popular music of the trio “Suoni distance”. The meeting point is at the Reserve Visitor Center, Palazzo Rossi.

The program

“Olive growing represents the first agricultural sector in Tarsia in terms of extension and production, the majority of which is organic and PGI”, the Municipality states.
The main and undisputed cultivar is Roggianella di Tarsia, with superior quality due to the organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the oil derived from it. “History tells us that Tarsia came to have up to seven oil mills active at the same time in its small territory”, say the organizers. There are several historic companies in the area that will also allow the De.Co. brand to be presented.
Great attention is paid by the mayor Roberto Ameruso and the entire municipal administration to this sector.
As well as the “Maria Santissima” elderly club, promoter together with the administration of the initiative, which lends experience and wisdom to the new generations.
So there’s a festive atmosphere. For the oil and for the awareness of a quality now recognized and appreciated. Tarsia is ready to welcome visitors and Calabrians in love with their origins.