Salvini calls Vannacci. “He is to be judged by his work. He will read his book”


By John

“Today there was a very cordial phone call between the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister Matthew Salvini and General Roberto Vannacci”, refer sources of the League. General Vannacci “must be judged for what he does in service. If he writes something that has nothing to do with state secrets or his job, I think he has every duty and right to do so”: said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, in a live broadcast on social media.

“General Vannacci has been singled out as a danger. I will buy this book, because before commenting and judging it is right to read”, because “it is easy to extrapolate a few sentences, I will read it all. The condemnation to the stake as Giordano Bruno does not seem to me reasonable,” Salvini said. Salvini explains that, out of curiosity, he also bought Che Guevara’s guerrilla manual in high school and “I refuse to think that in Italy there is a Big Brother who says this you can read and you can’t”. The minister recalls that Vannacci “has been on missions in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and has defended his country, flag, his men, and made complaints about depleted uranium which has done so much harm to the Italian military”.

I have not heard from Minister Crosetto, I have read his statements in the newspapers. And I have not received any notice of action. I have been replaced since midnight today, I have not been removed from my post”. General Roberto Vannacci said this on “Morning News” on Canale 5 regarding the former position of head of the military geographical institute and after the controversies arose around his book.

“However, at the end of this possible disciplinary measure we will see the facts that have been charged to me and what the charges are”, adds the general who, returning to some sentences from his book – he explains – ” I have not offended anyone, I have not discriminated against anyone. Speaking of normality, for example, I am referring to custom and I am referring to statistical data: 90% of the population is heterosexual, not being heterosexual means being part of a minority”. General Vannacci then added that he “claims diversity, people are equal in their dignity”.

Perhaps, he concluded, “my opinions are questionable but not offensive. I defy anyone to find offensive or discriminatory attitudes with homosexuals I may have been employed by.” And on his possible descent into politics, General Vannacci says “I’m a soldier. At least for now”.