Salvini: “I don’t invite Cateno De Luca to Pontida: he always insults us”


By John

«Invite Cateno De Luca to Pontida? No. He has different ideas from ours and insults every other day. I don’t invite myself to anyone’s house. I’m used to going to a birthday party if the birthday boy invites me». The deputy prime minister said it Matteo Salviniin Caltanissetta, at the first League party in Sicily, regarding the pec with which the leader of the South calls the North and the mayor of Taormina, Cateno De Luca, asked to be invited to the League party in Pontida.

«Cateno De Luca has different ideas from ours, he insults every other day. I don’t think that you would invite someone to her wedding party – he added in response to a journalist’s question – who would rudely and rudely address you until the day before. I am a sincere democrat, I love discussion, but in the appropriate places. I would never go to the Festa dell’Unità and ask to speak from the stage, so to speak, because it would be inappropriate.”