Salvini on the SS 106 construction site in Villapiana criticizes the bishops' position on differentiated autonomy and attacks Schlein on the Bridge: “Crossing the Strait in 20 minutes? He doesn't know the reality”


By John

«The answer to Schlein comes from commuters. I looked at the comments under her posts, in the newspapers, on the Calabrian and Sicilian sites: you can see that she is a young lady who crosses the Strait once a year, perhaps, because those who cross it every day don't take twenty minutes. They queue for one, two, three, four hours under the heat, smog, pollution.”

League leader Matteo Salvini, deputy prime minister and infrastructure minister, said this on the sidelines of a visit to the construction site of the megalot of State Road 106 in Trebisacce and Villapiana in the province of Cosenza, with reference to the Bridge over the Strait. «It is clear – added Salvini – that the Bridge will change the lives of workers, commuters, students, doctors, sick people, lawyers, Sicilians, Calabrians and Italians, everyone. Only someone who doesn't know this land can say that ferries are fine, queues are fine, smog and delays are fine.”

Salvini criticizes the Calabrian bishops on differentiated autonomy: “They haven't read the text”

«They haven't read it. Autonomy – the deputy prime minister insisted – is a guarantee for the essential rights of the South that the South has never had. Maybe there are some bishops who, given the controversies coming from the Vatican in the last few hours, have become distracted and are busy with something else. So I will send to anyone who wants to learn more, the text of autonomy which is a great opportunity for rebirth, relaunch, social justice especially for the regions which today have inferior services compared to others”. «If today the healthcare in some regions of the South, the schools, the infrastructures are not at the level of other regions of Northern Italy – he added – it is due to a statist and centralist management which does not guarantee essential rights to the South. Here I will send the text also to men of the church with the hope of their reading and blessing”.

Saccomanno: “Unprecedented attention from Salvini for our land”

“On behalf of the League in Calabria, it is with great pride – states the party commissioner Giacomo Francesco Saccomanno – that I celebrate the exceptional commitment of our Minister of Infrastructure and Vice Premier, Matteo Salvini, who has demonstrated unprecedented attention to the progress of our beloved Calabria. Today's visit by Salvini to Villapiana on the SS106 Jonica construction site was not just a formality, but the tangible confirmation of his personal involvement in completing a fundamental work for the security and development of the South. Italy His tireless work and dedication have made possible what for many seemed like an unattainable dream.

No other minister before has shown such determination in wanting to resolve the infrastructure problems that have afflicted our region for decades. Salvini understood that Calabria is not just a land of passage, but a beating heart of Italy that deserves to be enhanced and supported with modern and efficient infrastructure. Thanks to his vision, today we can witness the progress of work on the SS106, a project that promises to be a catalyst for economic growth, capable of generating new job opportunities and improving the quality of life of Calabrians. Salvini has made Calabria a priority, and the results are there for all to see. His commitment goes beyond simple politics; it is his passion for a land and for its people that drives him to fight every day so that Calabria can finally enjoy the infrastructure it deserves. Salvini did not limit himself to electoral promises, but he acted concretely, making the SS106 a symbol of rebirth for our territory. Matteo Salvini's work speaks for itself: a minister who put his heart and soul for the good of Calabria, demonstrating a commitment that will remain imprinted in the history of our region. It is an honor to have such a determined and visionary leader at the service of the Italian people.”