Sanremo breaks records: skyrocketing share for covers. Fiorello: “He makes 67%, more than Meloni and Schlein”


By John

Sanremo still sets records. The 67.8% share achieved yesterday by the cover evening represents the best result for the Friday evening in the Auditel era since 1987. In second place was the 1987 edition, hosted by Pippo Baudo with Carlo Massarini, with 67.50% collected from the penultimate evening of the festival.

Like it or not, the Festival gets three 60% (share, ed.) in a row. Amadeus alone beats Meloni and Schlein together. – Beelzebub, why don’t you go into politics? You make a party, you call it “Fratelli di Palco”, ‘Movimento 5 Scalette’ or “SanremoViva” – this is how Fiorello joked about the record ratings of the first three evenings of the Festival at ‘VivaRai2!… VivaSanremo!’: in the company of Biggio, Casciari, Alessia Marcuzzi and the whole ganglive in the rain, Fiorello warmed up the atmosphere outside the Ariston at the end of the fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival.

The showman greeted the Aristonello: he will be co-host alongside Amadeus of the final eveningand then return live regularly from the Foro Italico from Monday.

«I like being there at the last evening of the Festival – revealed Fiorello -. I will attend the announcement of the winner and, as you know, Amadeus takes 20 minutes, until one of the two finalists waiting there for the verdict gets annoyed and leaves.” Then some background: «I’m there and sometimes I know it before him, I go behind and read the sign. He succeeded me with the Maneskins and there was Ethan looking at me … ».

The Sanremo theme is also linked to political satire: “‘Sgarbi goes away, panic in the ministry: the inventory of the works has started. The same thing will happen with Amadeus when the Ariston closes. Last year he took away 18 microphones: he’s taking them all home.”

Some of the protagonists of the Festival arrived at the Aristonello: from Diodatewhich gave those present a surprise entrance to the tune of ‘Singing in the rain’, under the Sanremo rain, for Angelina Mangosecond in the cover evening rankings.

But there are those who complain about the late hour: Fiorello’s mother. Mrs. Rosaria called in the middle of the live broadcast and had a loud and clear message for her son: “Go to sleep, it’s late!”.