School sizing in Reggio, Nucera: «Only lies from the Center Right»


By John

He sends the accusations back to the sender and undermines point by point the objections raised by the Center Right which called for his resignation. The municipal councilor for educationLucia Nucera he thunders: «The declarations of the center-right calling for my resignation are clearly offensive to my person, they report facts that do not conform to reality. The useless search for a scapegoat constitutes a mere political attack that says nothing about the age-old question of school sizing, for which I have been fighting personally for some time and not out of mere political ambition, but to protect the right to education for which I am responsible for the territory. This is the good politics I have always believed in alongside the citizens who have placed their trust in me.”
The executive member rewinds the tape: «I want to retrace in stages the story of which I have documentary proof. Precise chand it was the Region that issued the Guidelines in reference to school sizing and not the department I represent. Indeed, I have opposed it several times through the press, writing letters of appeal to the regional leaders as well as to the Minister of Education and the President of the Republic in order to review the harmful guidelines in the part relating to linguistic minorities, damaging in my opinion, the identity and culture of individual educational institutions. The sizing as required by the regional guidelines which do not take into account the Ministerial Decree of last June has produced and will produce negative consequences on school staff and therefore on the training offer of our territories”.