Cosenza, those numbers that make you smile: the average points is playoff-level


By John

From Via degli Stadi the aim is to dampen the enthusiasm so as not to increase the pressure and expectations around the group Fabio CasertaHowever, the first nine days showed positive signs. Also and above all on a numerical level. Keeping the performance expressed close to the first quarter of the championship, in fact, the Cosenza would close the regular phase of the season at 59 points. The arithmetic projection close to the 60 mark would therefore allow the rossoblù to have a great chance of accessing the promotion games of the post season.
Indeed, there is more, because the history of the last cadet tournaments, since the B series returned to 38 days (in the 2019-2020 season), has not left any of the teams that finished with this number out of the playoff grid of points: D’Orazio and his teammates therefore, according to recent history, would have a 100% chance. If anything, the biggest intrigue would revolve around the position from which he would start to play for his Serie A chances.
A year ago, finishing on 59 points would have allowed the Sila to finish in sixth position ahead of Sudtirol. In 2021-2022 the playoffs were sold more “expensive”, guaranteeing only the achievement of eighth place. In the 2020-2021 tournament, however, they would have been able to snatch fifth position in cohabitation with Venezia. The year before it would have even allowed them to reach fourth place, thus also skipping the preliminary round.
Of course, to get this far, they would need to confirm themselves at these levels for another 29 days but the rossoblù are growing and still have room for improvement.
Goals: very positive data The Sila numbers are at odds with previous years even taking into consideration the number of goals. Sports director Roberto Gemmi had been categorical on the day of Fabio Caserta’s presentation. His main search during the transfer market would have been to gather players capable of transforming the deficient offensive numbers of last season.
The arrival of Gennaro Tutino, Simone Mazzocchi, Luigi Canotto and Francesco Forte confirmed with deeds the words spoken that day. With this, he gave the Reggio coach a deeply strengthened offensive department. Elements that have completely transformed the displacement of the Cosenza. In the first nine days of the championship, the rossoblù have scored 14 goals. Never before had the rossoblù scored so many goals after returning to Serie B. At most they had reached nine in the past year.
They only remained dry in the away match against Brescia. In all other cases they managed to score at least one goal, effectively complicating the opponents’ work.
The Bruzia team has changed less in the back pack, in continuity with the previous technical project for four fifths also in last Saturday’s home match against Lecco, when for the third time in this championship they kept their goal scoreless.
There are nine goals conceded by the Sila until now, only in the 2020-2021 tournament had they conceded fewer (8) but in that case they had also expressed the worst figure to their credit (just 6 goals). However, the number of times the goal remained clean compared to then was the same: in the tournament which ended with relegation on the pitch, later canceled by the football courts, there were three “clean sheets”.