Secret Room on the Strait of Messina, an opportunity for Calabrian and Sicilian students. The champion Mazzara: “A show”


By John

Students from the Sicilian and Calabrian provinces are invited to discover a new approach to studying with the Secret Study Room, which has the splendid setting of the Strait of Messina as its backdrop, today and tomorrow. The students will be immersed in an innovative location to study and experience university life from a completely new point of view. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to attend a program full of exceptional guests and activities related to awareness of the “mind switching on” functionality.

The event is held inside a “secret” study room set up on the top floor of the Caronte & Tourist's ship «Elio», reachable only via hidden stairs. The program begins today with content creator Maviva, the expert in applied neuroscience Fabrizio Privitera and the Meet & Greet with the athlete Ale Mazzara (who will participate in the next Paris Olympics), followed by a skateboarding performance by the champion.

Thanks to the patronage of the Municipality and the University of Messina, the Red Bull Secret Study Room offers students an unprecedented opportunity to merge fun, study and innovation. With the confirmation of the presence of the mayor of Messina, the event underlines the importance of promoting cultural and educational development.