Self-entrepreneurship, the Chamber of Commerce meets with schools in Catanzaro to encourage young people to “start their own business”


By John

Debunking the false myths that discourage young people from trying their hand at self-entrepreneurship. It is with this objective that the committee for female entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia has started a cycle of training meetings aimed at the fifth classes of high school institutesre which came to an end yesterday. Four days entirely dedicated to orientation through comparisons, debates and testimonies from those who experience the entrepreneurial world every day.

To be involved in the project called “If I started my own business” the students of the De Nobili Higher Education Institute of Catanzaro who thus had the opportunity to reflect on what starting their own entrepreneurial activity really means and entails. During the four days of training, the members of the committee illustrated to the students the administrative procedures required for starting a business, highlighted the importance and methods of creating a business plan, the role of the Chamber of Trade and the function carried out by trade associations within the chamber of commerce. During the in-depth and orientation days, simulations were also held to put the theoretical notions into practice.

The meetings recorded a lively involvement from the students, stimulating a multi-vocal discussion on the opportunities offered but also on the risks associated with self-entrepreneurship paths. In addition to the direct testimonies of female entrepreneurs, each for their own sector of interest, the councilor for Productive Activities of the Municipality of Catanzaro brought their contribution Antonio Borelli, the councilor for Equal Opportunities and Culture Donatella Monteverdi and the councilor for public education Nunzio Belcaro.

Among the students who participated with keen interest in the project also Marica Costa, disabled young man to whom the committee for female entrepreneurship together with the Chamber of Commerce decided to donate a volume celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of the chamber of commerce. This initiative is part of the vast program of activities approved by the committee for female entrepreneurship which aims to increase the awareness of young women and guide them towards training and work paths in line with their passions and inclinations by providing useful tools to increase employment and female entrepreneurship.

«Educating young people to undertake self-entrepreneurship paths is our precise duty and it is even more so in the current historical and territorial context» comments the president of the committee Antonella Mancuso. «Such activities represent the main vehicle for the creation of new jobs, but quality jobs. Starting your own business requires aptitudes, knowledge and skills that cannot be improvised and which bring into play particular personal qualities that need to be identified and brought out as the work progresses. Doing business is a path in which you can try your hand but carefully evaluating risks and opportunities: starting from the analysis of the business idea to the drafting of the business plan, to the search for sources of financing up to the development of the business idea. Not secondary is a correct evaluation of the value that the company can bring in terms of economic development, employment and territorial redevelopment. We will continue the fruitful collaboration already started with educational institutions – concludes Mancuso – because it is from here that a real revolution can start in the way of approaching the world of business and work and which we hope will represent the first step towards creating the conditions for our young people are encouraged to remain in our land, and no longer forced to flee”.