Lazio collapses, Lucca and Zarraga give Udinese salvation


By John

A victory was needed to continue dreaming of the Champions League, but a defeat arrives which also puts the Europa League in danger. In a freezing Olympic stadium, not only from a climatic point of view, it was Udinese who celebrated by beating Lazio 2-1 and taking a notable step forward in terms of safety. Sarri's team, now replaced by Martusciello on the bench due to disqualification, was forced to win to continue dreaming of the Champions League. And it can be seen right from the start with the Biancocelesti who immediately try with Zaccagni, but his right-footed shot only finds the post, then Luis Alberto misses the target by centimetres. Lazio dominates the pitch, Zaccagni devours the opening goal from two steps away in an incredible manner, but then Udinese, almost suddenly, wakes up first with Lovric's right-footed shot blocked by Provedel, then Giannetti and Kamara give shivers before the referee blows the whistle for the end of a first half which by pure chance ends at 0-0. The goal, however, arrives immediately at the start of the second half and is black and white. Kamara shoots from the edge, his left foot becomes an assist for Lucca, who does well to split and deflect past Provedel.
There wasn't even time to celebrate, however, because Lazio equalized immediately with the acceleration of Zaccagni who went down the left, put it in the middle and found Giannetti's big foot which deflected into his own goal to make it 1-1. Once again, however, the result does not last due to Zarraga's right-footed shot which gives Juventus a new lead. The swing of emotions, however, is not over because Lazzari shoots at Okoye in the open field, then Isaksen is unable to reiterate the goal. A handful of minutes and Immobile also hits the opposing goalkeeper. The last emotion comes from Perez who gets sent off for a silly hold which earns him a second yellow card. Lazio tries until the end, Udinese resists and takes 3 points which represent an important step towards salvation, effectively opening the Lazio crisis.

Lazio-Udinese 1-2

Markers: 2'st Lucca, 4'st Giannetti (aut), 6'st Zarraga.

LAZIO (4-3-3): Provedel 5.5 (54'st Mandas sv); Lazzari 5, Gila 5.5, Romagnoli 5.5, Hysaj 5; Vecino 5, Cataldi 5 (15'st Kamada 5), ​​Luis Alberto 6 (36'st Pedro sv); Zaccagni 6, Immobile 5 (15'st Castellanos 5.5), Felipe Anderson 5.5 (1'st Isaksen 5). On the bench: Sepe, Casale, Ruggeri, Andrè Anderson. Coach: Martusciello (Sarri suspended) 5.5.

UDINESE (3-5-2): Okoye 7; Ferreira 6 (32'st Bijol 5.5), Giannetti 5.5, Perez 5; Pereyra 6, Lovric 6.5, Zarraga 7, Payero 6 (29'st Samardzic 6), Kamara 6.5 (29'st Zemura 6); Thauvin 6 (46'st Davis sv), Lucca 7. On the bench: Silvestri, Padelli, Success, Keinan, Tikvic, Ehizibue, Kabasele, Kristensen. Coach: Cioffi 7. REFEREE: Aureliano of Bologna 6.

NOTE: rainy evening, ground in less than optimal conditions. Perez was sent off in the 49th minute for a second yellow card. Booked: Felipe Anderson, Romagnoli, Okoye, Bijol, Lucca, Pereyra, Samardzic, Vecino. Corners: 8-5 for Lazio. Recovery time: 1st half, 12th half