Serie D: Trapani sets a new national points record. Siracusa, Vibonese and Reggina certain of the playoffs. Playout between San Luca and Locri


By John

Trapani continues to set records with a 2-1 win against Gioia Tauro. Twenty-ninth victory for the Granata who go beyond Como's 88 points, officially holding the new national record in Serie D with still one round left until the conclusion of the championship.
The goals all came in the second half: Samake and Balla for the Granata, goal for the Calabrian flag by Elia.
Clear success for Siracusa, at home, against Akragas. The 4 goals arrive here too, all in the second half with a brace from Sarao and goals from Maggio and Arcidiacono.
Vibonese wins on the Portici pitch, the decisive goal after less than 2 minutes by Terranova officially secures 3rd place. Playoffs which will also see, as fourth strength, Reggio Calabria prevailing 2-0 over Sancataldese. A goal in each half, Barillà and Provazza the match winners.
Victory and overtaking, in Playoff key, for Città di Sant'Agata sul Ragusa who prevails with Mincica.
Acireale returns to success by sending Locri to play for the Playout. A problem that was resolved in the final 10 minutes, thanks to goals from D'Alessandris, De Mutiis and Germinio.
Licata closed on a high note with a 3-1 win over Castrovillari. On the shields Rotulo, author of a brace, Lanza in the middle while Izco scored for the Rossoneri. One nil for Real Casalnuovo who won with Pinna's goal on the San Luca pitch which will host Locri in the Playout. There are still 90 minutes left, the last, before breaking ranks. Our goal collection will see you next Monday