Sight bonus, communications on the contribution of 50 euros for GUIDA glasses by March 16th


By John

Sight bonus, communications on the 50 euro contribution for glasses by March 16 | INSTRUCTIONS

View bonus“: established ways and times for communicating direct refunds of the view bonus atRevenue Agency. This is the contribution of 50 euros for those who want to buy new lenses.

Terms and methods established by the Revenue Agency

The information – explains the agency on its webzine TaxToday – must be made available to the Agency by March 16, 2024so that they can be used for processing the pre-compiled tax return. The director ofRevenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffinihas in fact established in a recent provision the methods and terms that the Ministry of Health will have to observe to communicate to theTax registry the data relating to refunds provided from January 1st 2021 to May 4th, for the purchase of glasses i.e. of corrective contact lenses.

Origin and regulation of the Glasses Bonus

To understand what this is about, it is necessary to take a step back Budget 2021 with which the sight bonus was established, then regulated by decree of the Minister of Health, in concert with that ofEconomy and Financeof the October 21, 2022. This legislative provision defined the criteria, methods and terms for granting and disbursing a contribution in the form of voucher one-off payment of an amount equal to 50 euros for the purchase of eyeglasses or corrective contact lenses.

Operational details and timing

In particular, atarticle 6has established that for purchases made starting from January 1st 2021 and up to May 4th, pending the finalization of the web platform for the management of vouchers, the benefit could be provided through the direct reimbursement of 50 euros on the expenditure incurred. And at thearticle 7 that the data relating to the reimbursements paid to the applicants are subsequently communicated to theRevenue Agency for the purposes of processing the pre-compiled tax return.

Implementation and future planning

Subsequently, the platform was made available on April 20, 2023 for merchants and the May 5, 2023 for the beneficiaries. Having said that, to allow the preparation of the pre-compiled form, the Ministry of Healthholder of the data of refunds made in the said period of time, will have to communicate to the Revenue Agency by March 16, 2024the tax codes of the applicant, as registered on the web application dedicated to the “sight bonus”, of the beneficiary, or the holder of the expense document being reimbursed, of the holder of theIban to which the refund is credited.

Privacy and data retention

Furthermore: the amount of the refund paid and the tax year in which the expense being refunded was incurred. Data which is however stored in the information systems managed by Sogeiwhich also operates as data controller of Ministry of Health through the one-off provision of an encrypted file.

With the approval of Privacy guarantorthe information collected will be stored byTax registry and kept, in compliance with the right to confidentiality and protection of personal data, until 31 December of the sixth year following each tax year. At the end of this period, the data will be completely and automatically deleted.