Single and universal allowance 2024 for dependent children: what are the amounts expected and how to apply


By John

Single and universal allowance 2024 for children: what are the expected amounts and how to apply.

L’Single and Universal Allowance represents a fundamental income support measure for Italian families, introduced in 2021, and intended for dependent children up to the age of 21. This contribution, guaranteed to all families regardless of their economic situation, changes amount based on various factors such as the economic condition measured by the ISEE, the age and number of children, and the presence of disabilities. It is defined as unique due to its nature of simplifying and strengthening interventions to support parenthood and birth rates, and universal because it is guaranteed to all to a minimum extent.

Updates for 2024

News and Economic Adjustments

Looking ahead to 2024, theSingle Check will see a possible increase following the revaluation of inflation. Legislative decree 230 of 2021 provides that the amounts are updated annually based on the cost of living. Past increases, such as the 8.1% in 2023, are a prelude to a possible similar increase for 2024, currently hypothesized at +5.4% in line with pension equalization. Families can expect an increase that will bring the minimum and maximum amount per child to around €57.20 and €199.40 respectively, with an official rate review expected in January next year.

Changes in Amounts and Eligible Persons

With the expected increase, an increase in the ISEE threshold for accessing the allowance is also expected from 16,215 euros to 17,090.61 euros, thus expanding the number of eligible families. Increases in the basic amount and the minimum amount are expected, as well as additional benefits for families with children under one year old or with three or more children.

Who is the Single Allowance aimed at and how does it work?

The Single and Universal Allowance is aimed at a wide range of Italian families. It is granted for each dependent minor child and can be extended to adult children up to 21 years of age who attend training courses, university courses, carry out internships or have an income of less than 8 thousand euros per year. The contribution is unlimited for children with disabilities. The amounts of the allowance vary based on the ISEE and other factors such as age and number of children.

How to Submit and Renew the ISEE for 2024

Presentation of the ISEE

To obtain the adequate Single Allowance, families must present the ISEE through the Single Substitute Declaration (DSU). This can be completed on the official INPS website or through CAF or patronages. The DSU contains detailed information on the economic, financial and personal situation of the family unit.

Renewal Deadlines

  • By February 29, 2024: to get the check with the full and adequate amount.
  • By June 30, 2024: to receive an adjustment for the previous months.
  • From July 2024: to obtain the check with the appropriate amount but without adjustment.
  • Without ISEE renewal: to receive the check with the minimum amount.

L’Single and Universal Allowance is confirmed as a key measure in supporting Italian families, with updates and adaptations that reflect the constantly evolving economic and demographic conditions.