Single city Cosenza-Castrolibero-Rende: the first candidate for the tricolor band has already emerged


By John

Unique city, it accelerates. More than committees and hypothetical referendums; even before the legislative process, carried out by the regional councilors of the centre-right, ends, here is already the first candidate for mayor of the merger of Cosenza Rende and Castrolibero. This is the deputy Simona Loizzo of the League who was, among other things, among the first to intervene, months ago, on the choice to move towards the union of the three Municipalities. Congresswoman Simona Loizzo herself, in a social interview yesterday morning, illustrates the proposals and arguments in favor of creating a single urban area.
«A proposal born out of belonging to the territory and its deep-rooted Cosenza nature», emerges. In the interview which will be published in full on her social pages this morning, Loizzo, prompted by questions from the journalist Paride Leporace, reconstructed the genesis and developments of the proposal which aims to unify Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero into a single large municipality. An idea born of the visionary politics of Mancini and Principe which according to the Northern League deputy «will certainly break outdated patterns and which, by reshuffling the electorate, will be able to undermine the interests of the potentates of the last twenty years». In Simona Loizzo’s vision it is not only the common services of the urban area but also greater integration with the University of Calabria that she sees «the presence of a large polyclinic and the birth of a healthcare technopole».