Social policies in Calabria, the regional plan to support frailty Health and Welfare presented


By John

This morning, at the regional Citadel, the regional support plan for fragilities was presented which, in line with the objectives and purposes of the Regional Program FESR ESF + 21/27 of which it is the owner, as defined with the DCA of establishment of the Table technical for the in-depth analysis and implementation of regional policies on socio-health integration (DCA n. 74 of 03.03.2023), is aimed at giving a systematic and coherent picture of the initiatives dedicated to the topic of inclusion.
The main objective is to strengthen and qualify the network of social, health, socio-health and work support services to promote active inclusion and equal opportunities for vulnerable subjects. At present it foresees a total of planned resources equal to approximately 85 million euros.
«Our commitment to the weakest sections of the Calabrian population does not stop. I continue my political action – explained the councilor for social policies Emma Staine – in the direction of wanting to make the most of personal services, because my only interest is the well-being of citizens, especially the most fragile and vulnerable ones. Everything we are putting into place has the sole purpose of making Calabria more accessible and through these resources and careful planning we will succeed in this aim. In Europe there are the resources to activate the tools and services necessary for the well-being of the person from every point of view, it is essential to overcome the idea of ​​a protection system to imagine a new and more effective welfare based on human, civil and social rights, bringing more funds to the territories.”
The Health and Welfare Plan was born from the recent organizational evolution of the regional Administration which deemed it necessary, to ensure more efficient management, to reassign the functions relating to Welfare to the Department of Health Protection and Social and Health Services which subsequently became the Department of Health and Welfare. The stakeholders, with an active role in the Plan, are multiple and will be involved, in various capacities, in the implementation of the Plan itself: the Territorial Social Areas; the Provincial Health Authorities; Third Sector Bodies; municipalities. The Plan will be approved by the Council in the coming weeks.