Who is Max Allegri: the career, successes and controversies of a “winning” coach


By John

Massimiliano Allegri, known to all as Max Allegri, is one of the most recognized and discussed coaches in modern football. Born in Livorno on 11 August 1967, Allegri has built a career full of successes, but not without controversies. Let's discover together the professional path of this charismatic coach, his triumphs and the challenges he faced.

The beginnings of his career

Max Allegri began his footballing career as a midfielder, playing for several Italian teams including Pisa, Pescara, Cagliari and Perugia. Although he never achieved international prominence as a player, he has always demonstrated an uncommon tactical intelligence, which soon led him to consider a career as a coach.

The debut on the bench

After hanging up his boots, Allegri began his journey as a coach in the minor leagues, gaining experience with teams such as Aglianese and SPAL. His big break came in 2008, when he was called to lead Cagliari in Serie A. Here, Allegri immediately demonstrated his value, leading the team to a quiet salvation and earning the title of Best Coach of the Year in the 2008 season -2009.

The triumph with Milan

The real leap in quality in Allegri's career came in 2010, when he was chosen to lead Milan. In his first season on the Rossoneri bench, Allegri won the Scudetto, interrupting Inter's dominance. In the following years, he led Milan to an Italian Super Cup and consistent placings in European competitions, consolidating his reputation as a winning and strategic coach.

The Juventus era

In 2014, Allegri takes the helm of Juventus, replacing Antonio Conte. With the Bianconeri, Allegri experienced the most glorious period of his career, winning five consecutive Scudetti, four Italian Cups and two Italian Super Cups. Under his guidance, Juventus reached two Champions League finals (2015 and 2017), unfortunately both lost against Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.

The controversies

Despite numerous successes, Allegri's career was not free from criticism. His playing style, often judged too pragmatic and defensive, has raised discussions among fans and professionals. The “short snout” is now history. Furthermore, his management of some players, such as Paulo Dybala, has been the subject of debate, with many criticizing his tactical choices. The clash with Bonucci was also sensational, the image of the Juventus defender sitting on the stool in the stands, once excluded, was “iconic”.

The return to Juventus

After a two-year break, Allegri returned to Juventus in 2021, at a time of difficulty for the club. His second adventure on the Juventus bench is still underway. but perhaps at the end of the line.

Private life

In addition to his successful and controversial career, Massimiliano Allegri's private life has often attracted media attention. The Juventus coach also experienced significant moments off the pitch, characterized by romantic relationships and family affections that contributed to delineating his public and private profile.

Romantic relationships

Max Allegri has had several romantic relationships which have been widely documented by the media. His best-known relationship was with the actress and showgirl Amber Angiolini, which began in 2017. The couple lived an intense love story, often at the center of media attention due to their notoriety. However, in 2021, Allegri and Angiolini announced the end of their relationship, a separation that sparked great interest among fans and the press.


Allegri is the father of two children, Valentina and Giorgio, from previous relationships. Valentina, born from his marriage to Gloria Patrizi, followed a career in the world of fashion and entertainment, becoming an influential figure on social media. Giorgio, born from his relationship with Claudia Ughi, is more reserved and away from the spotlight. Allegri is known for being very close to his children, trying to maintain a balance between his professional career and family life.

Hobbies and passions

Away from football, Max Allegri has several passions that he cultivates with dedication. Among these, his love for horses and horse racing stands out, a passion that he has shared in various interviews. Furthermore, Allegri is a cooking enthusiast and loves to spend his free time cooking for his family and friends. This passion for cooking was also at the center of some charity events, where Allegri participated as an exceptional chef. Despite his notoriety, Allegri has always tried to maintain a certain confidentiality regarding his private life. This discreet attitude contributed to creating an image of a man focused on his profession and on his affections, far from the excesses and the spotlight of crime news.