Reggina aims to overtake the playoffs. The curtain rises on the unprecedented challenge against Real Casalnuovo


By John

The curtain rises at the “Granillo” for the unprecedented match against the former Reginaldo’s Real Casalnuovo. Kick-off at 2.30pm. It will be a direct playoff-style clash. The Campanians, in fact, precede the Amaranths by two lengths. Reggina, at the moment, occupies sixth position after the draw obtained in Agrigento.
Raffaele Esposito’s team is experiencing an extraordinary moment, the result of four successes and a draw. A complicated match is therefore expected for Barillà and his teammates as was also confirmed by coach Trocini who, yesterday morning, met the press at the Sant’Agata center in the usual pre-match conference: «We will face – he began – a team that in the their squad has members of a superior category and will come to Reggio to play the match of their lives. The pitfalls, therefore, are always there and we encounter them every Sunday. I also listened to Esposito’s words and I know how much motivation they will have in Calabria. I would add that they have an excellent organization. We are working with the aim of producing more scoring opportunities, but we will need more consistency.”
On the unavailable he added: «Porcino will not be able to be called up because his membership, despite the canonical thirty days having passed, is not yet feasible. From Monday, however, we will have it regularly available. Zanchi and a few others will be missing, while Cham is back. We have a large squad and, in this sense, there will be no problems.” Pass on Bolzicco and Rosseti: «They are two strong points for the category, essential for us. Tomorrow (today ndc) they will be there. Up until now, they have had an uphill journey due to the preparation starting late, like the rest of the group. As far as I’m concerned, they know it too, they represent an important weapon and we are happy to have them on our staff.”
Trocini then returned to the controversy of a week ago: «I don’t say things to obtain support or support, but only because I feel like doing so. I commented on the decisions that I thought had penalized us. The club has stood by me and rewards me every day, just as it happens with the players. And he didn’t intervene on the subject because he considered my outburst satisfactory. On Tuesday we always organize a meeting to take stock of the situation. However, let’s avoid thinking about the referees, rather let’s focus on ourselves and we will have to prove that we are stronger even than the wrongs.”
The question on market strategies could not be missing. Winter session that will open in December: «We are evaluating how to proceed, but you have to ask the company about these topics. We will try to win the next matches and see what our position will be. If we don’t reach our goal this year, we will aim for promotion in the 2024-2025 tournament with me or another coach.”
Will the players, having lost hope of reaching the top, still find the motivation? Here is the coach’s response: «They are professionals and they know they are wearing a prestigious shirt. But if they don’t have them, it’s preferable for them to change jobs. In Reggio we lack nothing and we thank the management who are always present at Sant’Agata”. Special praise for Perri, scorer of the equalizer in Agrigento: “He’s formidable with the ball at his feet.” Closing on Salandria: «I prefer him as a midfielder in 4-3-3. These are his characteristics and Mungo is employed like this too.”