Spilinga, the “nocturnal” concert by Fred De Palma. The administration defends itself and attacks the minority


By John

“A minority who think they are doing low-level politics, selling their Spilingese pride. Meanwhile, instead of complimenting the organizing committee of the “Sagra della ‘Nduja”, people from civil society who spend themselves between sacrifices and personal commitments to work voluntarily for the country, they snub them with the simple phrase often used by those who do not consider the commitment of others, or the saying “a nduja camina sula”, as if to denigrate the commitment made by the participants in the organization of the many events that between July and August enlivened Spilinga, attracting continuous flows of public and cheered up the evenings of the people of Spilinga with great success. On the other hand, someone like the group leader Silvano Contartese, who has never put a finger in the organization of any Spilingese social initiative, from the parish and party committees, or to social, sporting or cultural initiatives, what can he know about the commitment, sacrifices and responsibilities assumed by those who spontaneously dedicate their time to the social life of the community?”

The municipal administration, led by the mayor Enzo Marasco, in its maximum unity and compactness, thus begins the reply to the comments of the minority group, linked exclusively to the evening of August 11 and never mentioning or complimenting the rest of the program that went great : “As if to say that the successes go by themselves, the problems are “built” by the Municipality, almost as if it were the municipal administration that asked the artist De Palma to postpone the performance, foreseen in the contract, to 2.00 in the morning with the agency by 11.30 pm”.

“From those who say they have the good of Spilinga at heart, we would have expected perhaps first compliments to the organizers of the whole program of the Festival, which took place with great success, as well as in the other evenings of Nduja Village this year and in other years , with many illustrious guests, including institutional guests, perhaps adding their regret or, if desired, even a partisan criticism of the final part, damaged by an artist who has not kept faith with a contract and not by the Municipality or the Committee (which we will explain in detail, we add). But no, as far as we know after the first moments of joy and teasing about what happened to the detriment of the territory, instead of being disappointed, as we are, they sell off the “Spilingese pride”, believing they are gaining political advantage. Spilinga has always been a united country, in defending the “village pride”, represented by the Festival in the maximum expression: all united for the best result”.

And now let’s get to the facts. The minority asks the administration what the role of the Municipality and the Committee is. Simple, it is what has been happening for 47 years, but evidently the minority does not know the history of Spilinga: the Municipality has the institutional part, the coordination and control of public order and for the organization it delegates the Committee (as can be seen also in resolutions of 1982) and as a municipal regulation approved in 2017, applied to the letter. That said, for the evening of the 11th only, coincidentally, the committee had delegated the Milmedia association, with agreement between the parties. And of this, although they are acts that do not concern the Municipality, for more information we will eventually detail them in the next municipal council if it is the case.

It is precisely for this institutional role referring to public order that, in fact, the deputy mayor with a great sense of responsibility, in those slightly excited moments, in which the organizers of Milmedia, strengthened by a contract stipulated with the artist’s manager , were intent on full discussion with the artist’s entourage (to understand about this enormous delay), he was sacrificing himself to try to tone it down and shuttling between the forces of order, organizers and the public, also taking on the hard task to announce what had been communicated to him at that precise moment, before the singer’s performance, the news on the delay and the refunds to those who wanted to leave immediately, made by the agency’s own will and not because they were due, assisted steps step by step from the great work of the carabinieri of Spilinga, whom we thank for what has been done, and then for a greater guarantee with the request for support also from a Finance team, which subsequently followed all the phases of the many repayments made precisely by Milmedia itself “for better manage public order”. The deputy mayor, just look at the recording which they then released via social media, never mentioned the Municipality (and here the minority is false), clarified that the organizer was from Milmedia, and that in the meantime he had been informed of the start of the refunds that he communicates on stage and of the very real accident, in which unfortunately a person died (subsequently ascertained by the police, far from still as the minority affirms “mystifying the facts”), which further caused the arrival of the artist.

The rest then went by itself, with the arrival and performance of the singer, unfortunately very late, and we apologize to the public for this for the great inconvenience faced, but an episode that we are all sorry for , the administrators, the members of the Committee and also Milmedia, organizer of the event. All together damaged parts, so as to start legal action, already notified in writing immediately against the artist’s management, signatory of the contract, for the damages caused to all the parties involved. Considering, however, that the majority of the audience remained until the end, with great enthusiasm and lots of applause following Fred De Palma’s performance, the damage and insult to Milmedia also comes from someone (that we know) who while attending the show has demanded or is demanding an undue refund. At the same time, however, from the most correct we have also received many thanks from those who may have been reimbursed soon or from those who understood our own regret.

To the minority group that literally writes “bad figures”, we remind that those, as regards a public administration and not private associations, are those institutional moments in which they do not participate, official municipal council meetings such as that of 9 August, when the Municipality of Spilinga seals the twinning with another municipality, Arzegrande, province of Padua, receiving the mayor and other administrators and them, our minority councilors do not even show up for a welcome greeting. These are, surely, the beautiful image figures of a welcoming country. The community of Spilinga yes, it has always been hospitable, and this is what we are always proud of”.

Milmedia press release. The APS Milmedia association, as already communicated verbally several times, hereby wishes to clarify that as the organizing body of the event of 11 August 2023, the guest of the artist Fred de Palma was scheduled from 11.30 pm to 11.30 pm 0:00, as described in the contract in place between the organizer and JJ Promoter Show, in the name and on behalf of the artist Fred de Palma, moreover, the writer also wishes to underline that as described in “point 17 on the back of each ticket, any changes to the program and timetable do not involve the refund of the ticket”, and that the refunds made on the evening of August 11, took place exclusively in agreement with the police, due to a serious situation of public order, therefore they constitute exclusively damage economic not due to the organizing body.