Taurianova, two years ago Agostino Ascone disappeared


By John

Exactly two years ago the thirty-seven year old agricultural entrepreneur from Amato di Taurianova disappeared into thin air Augustine Ascone. December 27, 2021 was the beginning of a nightmare capable of swallowing a young father and worker, his loved ones and an entire community into the abyss.
The disappearance of Ascone shocked the whole of Calabria due to its tragic and bloody nature. Two years later, despite the fact that a murder trial is underway before the Court of Assizes of Palmi against his wife Ilaria Sturialeof her lover Salvatore Antonio Figliuzzi and the alleged accomplice Giuseppe Trapasso, the victim’s body has not yet been found. And the investigations, the intense searches and the appeals from the family were to no avail.