Tense nerves in the Catanzaro Pd, Celia replies to Cristallo: I have been elected, she has been nominated


By John

After the words of Crystal Jasmine to Southern Gazette on the situation of the Democratic Party in Catanzaro, it is the turn of Fabio Celia. Resigning city secretary, Pd group leader in the city council, Celia and Cristallo, to put it mildly, have repeatedly expressed different views on the party and its management.
Cristallo spoke of a “short circuit” in describing the internal situation of the Catanzaro Democratic Party, attributing the responsibility to the overlapping of roles between party management and institutional office: do you agree?
“I totally disagree. The statute does not provide for any incompatibility. This reasoning is solely and exclusively of a personal nature, of convenience. Cristallo is preparing an assault on the party as he has neither electoral numbers nor membership cards and is therefore trying to create confusion. I want to remind you that she joined the Democratic Party last February: she has been an elector and a lover of the party since February 2023. On the other hand, there are those like me who have been in the party for some time and were elected with 832 preferences . And many crossed out the name “Celia” at the city congress, while she was nominated: the difference is that I was legitimized by the vote».
Between press releases, vitriolic statements and heated debates, it is undeniable that the Catanzaro Democratic Party is, once again, in the storm.
«I am for opening the party to everyone because we win together, it is right that new forces enter and congresses are held, that there is a new secretary and that it takes root more and more. But you can’t accept protests about the life of the party from those who weren’t there».