Medicines for rescue that have expired for years, dirt and illegal occupation in a beach in Ricadi


By John

The Mobile Squad and the Tropea Fixed Post – in operational synergy between the Police Headquarters and the Port Authority, the Coast Guard and the Asp of Vibo Valentia – carried out an in-depth control against an accommodation facility located in Ricadi, in the Capo Vaticano area.

During the checks at the bathhouse on the Costa degli Dei they emerged critical issues hygienic-sanitary type in the care of the environments, and in particular the management of the first aid station positioned on the beach, which presented not only poor hygiene but also products and medicines, such as oxygen cylinders, which have expired for years, thus exposing the bathers present in the establishment to risk. For the critical issues that emerged, various prescriptions were imposed which must be observed in a short time in addition to one having been raised administrative fine of more than 1000 euros. At the same time, sanctions were notified for 660 euros due to repeated violations of Ordinances of the Mayor of Ricadi.

During the inspection, it also emerged the illegal occupation of state-owned public landindeed coming occupied 150 meters of public beach beyond the 100 meters allowed. Illicit cost one complaint.

Finally, in the light of various violations of ordinances issued by the Port Authority of Vibo Valentia regarding the seaside safetyas well as the unsuitable anchoring of a dinghy in the area reserved for bathing, additional charges have been raised fines of around 150o euros.