That “hole” for purification: between Taormina and Giardini is a challenge


By John

Cateno De Luca’s aims for Giardini Naxos come out into the open. The vote will take place in three years but the mayor of Taormina begins to lay the foundations of a political project and attacks the municipal administration of the coastal city. The pretext used yesterday is the debt situation reported already in recent weeks between Palazzo dei Naxioti and the Sewerage Network Consortium. In the Giardino council meeting last Tuesday, the budget councilor, Salvatore Spartà, highlighted that he had found “inconsistencies and improper contents in the accounting documents”, citing the case of only 50,000 expected in the multi-year period 2022-2024 as the annual fee to be paid to the Consortium, unlike the 900,000 euros inserted in past years, announcing that at least 1.4 million euros would be allocated in the 2023 budget to pay off the debt, also given the increase in electricity costs.
Statements that “fired up” De Luca, who yesterday accused his Naxio colleague Giorgio Stracuzzi of drawing up false budgets: «Due to the delays of the municipalities of Taormina and Giardini Naxos in paying the dues to the Sewerage Network Consortium, damage to the treasury was generated of approximately 400,000 euros per year – claims the mayor of Taormina – for the maintenance of the regime for safeguarding the electricity supply contract. Upon my arrival I paid all the previous payments and 50% for 2023. Giardini Naxos owes around 2 million for the past and 1.5 million for 2023 and in the 2022-2023 budget it only foresees 50,000 euros? It is unthinkable that I make sacrifices and the other false budgets, if the council does not produce a truthful budget I will file a complaint.”
The appointment of the new technical councilor, the former Deluchian Ivano Cantello, did not go down well with Cateno De Luca: «They can bring councilor-scientists even from the moon, without delegations they are political appointments that are of no use, it is humiliating – he continued – I am close to the community that has never fallen so low, I am sorry and my heart is crying because Giardini Naxos is a mine, I would transform that marina, you have no idea what into…». Between “fuck” and accusations of “rape” against the city, criticism also rained down on councilor Spartà: «We paid, you didn’t care, you who are councilor for the ‘chip’ (that would be the budget, according to the mayor, ndc) give us the money.” Unwelcome statements from Mayor Stracuzzi.

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