Valditara soon in Calabria “to testify to the presence of the State”


By John

«On September 20th I will go to a significant and delicate reality», such as that of Caivano, «and I will go» to Calabria «in San Luca, Platì and Bovalino to testify to the presence of the State, a State that wants to be at the service of those many young people who want to have a future. I believe that we must pay a lot of attention to those young people who live in those border areas where it is not easy to study, we must make a particular investment, it is no coincidence that I launched the Southern Agenda.” This was announced by the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditaraparticipating in the program on Radio 1 Rai ‘Giù la mask’.

«‘Agenda Sud’ is a program developed for 2 thousand schools in the South, and in this context – underlined Valditara – 245 schools will be further enhanced with a series of important measures. This is because in the meantime we have to take the kids to school and we have to open the institutes to ensure that the kids don’t go onto the streets; then we must guarantee quality training and therefore special training for those teachers who teach in those schools.”