The 2023 Ubu Awards assigned: the best new Italian text is by the Calabrian Saverio La Ruina


By John

The winners of the Ubu Awards for the 2022/2023 season were announced by Graziano Graziani and Gioia Salvatori, the award created by the critic and journalist Franco Quadri, now in its 45th edition.

Here is the list of winners:

Best direction Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli and Alessandro Ferroni for Anatomy of a Suicide and The Ministry of Solitude

Best Actress or Performer Marta Ciappina (The Years)

Best Actor or Performer Francesco Villano (Anatomy of a Suicide and The Ministry of Solitude)

Best Actress or Performer Under 35 Petra Valentini

Best Actor or Performer Under 35 Alberto Boubakar Malanchino

Best new Italian text or dramaturgical writing Via del Popolo by Saverio La Ruina

Best new foreign text or drama writing Anatomy of a Suicide by Alice Birch (lacasad clay)

Best foreign show presented in Italy Caridad by Angélica Liddel – Scenography Margerita Palli (Romeo and Juliet) – Costumes Federica Del Gaudio (Christmas at the Cupiello house / Show for actor cum figuris) – Lighting design Cesare Accept (La Cupa) – Sound project or original music GUP Alcaro (Lazarus)

UBU LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD SPECIAL AWARDS Franco Scaldati. Theatre, editorial project by Valentina Valentini and Viviana Raciti Kepler-452 for the field research activity at GKN for the show Il Capitale. A book we haven’t read yet Is Mascareddas, for the forty-year research journey on puppet theater between tradition and innovation La Bottega dello Sguardo, library and theatrical archive founded by Renata Molinari.